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The PC has never heard real 3D audio until Cavern. From now, you can put your speakers anywhere, even on the ceiling or the floor, Cavern will make movies and Cavern-equipped games work with it. Cavern can be set up to work properly for any studio setup, home theater, actual cinema, and even stage.

Watch your movies with Cavern audio

With Cavernize, you can convert any movie to any speaker setup. Cavern can handle Limitless Audio Format, which was created specifically for storing many spatial channels. Cavernize can be tried in real-time in the Cavern configuration application (laf, wav, or ogg currently). Cavernize requires FFmpeg, and works with both drag-and-drop and command-line arguments, which you can find in the documentation.

A gift to cinemas

Cavern has a Theatre mode made specifically for large rooms, including cinemas. In Theatre mode, every listener gets the same audio experience, no matter where they are in the room. You can experience Theatre mode in your home with the Cavern configuration application. No matter what audio equipment you have, Cavern will work with it. Cinemas are no exception. You only have to move some speakers in the room and configure Cavern accordingly. It can even move the sweet spot based on where listeners sit. And it's free. Check out the Cavern minisite for more info.

Work with Cavern

Unity developers can already download the beta Cavern Unity API. It works exactly the same way as Unity's built-in audio engine. If a player has Cavern configured, your game will match their specific Cavern setup. If they don't have Cavern, they'll get regular surround sound.


19th February 2016.


2nd November 2017.


Cavern 32-bit driver 1.0.2 R1.6
Licence: free (private), 120 downloads

Cavern 64-bit driver 1.0.2 R1.6
Licence: free (private), 202 downloads

Cavernize 1.2
Licence: free (private), 145 downloads

CavernizeRT 1.0.1
Licence: free (private), 28 downloads

Cavern Unity API 1.0.2
Licence: free (Cavern API), 131 downloads

Cavern minisite

Cavern documentation

Cavern Unity API source